Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Year's Worth of Information Design [INFOGRAPHICS]

2012 was a tremendous year for the Experience Design Team, at Empathy Lab. We worked on groundbreaking Media and Entertainment, E-Commerce, and Responsive Web Design projects. Additionally, it was a year in which our clients asked us to teach them how to conceptualize, design, and develop multi-device applications.

With so many new and exciting projects, came the opportunity to document and visualize strategy, tactics, and Design process.

Enjoy a few samples of information design, from 2012!


1. The Many Facets of UX Design [INFOGRAPHIC] - UX Designers play many roles on a project. They must conduct primary end-user research, then utilize the findings to Design intuitive information architecture and interaction design, within the constraints of technical platforms.

 The Many Facets of UX Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

2. Empathy Lab's Experience Design Process: Overview [INFOGRAPHIC] - High-level look at Empathy Lab's Design process, which I re-engineered to be more collaborative, iterative, and cross-device appropriate.

3. Output of Empathy Lab's Experience Design Process [INFOGRAPHIC] - Deliverables and output of the Experience Design phases outlined in the "Experience Design Process - Overview" graphic.


4. The UX Design Process [INFOGRAPHIC] -This graphic illustrates the User Experience Design Process, from planning to design, at a high-level.



1. Responsive Web Design & Native Apps in the UX Lifecycle [INFOGRAPHIC] - Regarding Responsive Web and Native Apps, it isn't a question of which, but when, in the UX, one technique should be used over another.


2. Mobile Commerce Strategy & Tactics [INFOGRAPHIC] - This infographic aligns mobile commerce, digital tactics, to stages of the mobile shopping lifecycle.

Mobile Commerce Strategy & Tactics

3. Experience Design NOW! [INFOGRAPHIC]- Experience Design treats content in an entirely different manner than traditional web design. Designers need to evolve their view of the canvas, from a single-channel, fixed content page, to a multi-channel, fluid content model.

Experience Design Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

4. Know Your Digital Media Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]- With businesses rushing to extend their digital distribution of media to connected consumer devices, and Cable television threatened by the onslaught of "OTT" (Over the Top) services, it is more important than ever to truly understand the "Digital Media Consumer". Who are they? What are their likely behaviors? What tasks will they need to accomplish, when accessing broadband user experiences across devices?

 Know Your Digital Media Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

5. Social Multimedia [INFOGRAPHIC] - My vision for Social TV, is what I call "Social Multi­media". It is a service that delivers ALL the world's entertainment to consumer devices, to be experienced and shared. This service empowers end-users to be their own "networks", to re-broadcast content to members of their social graph.



6. Digital Tactics for eCommerce Personas [INFOGRAPHIC] - Success or failure, for an eCommerce business, is linked to an understanding of the different behaviors of online shoppers. Developing successful tactics to support unique behaviors, tasks, and motivations, means getting familiar with the following eCommerce personas.

 Digital Tactics for eCommerce Personas [INFOGRAPHIC] [INFOGRAPHIC]

7. 2012 iOS/Android Traffic Snapshot [INFOGRAPHIC] - Despite being only 33.4% of the total smartphone market, iPhones drive 67% of total internet traffic, from smartphones.

iOS/Android Traffic Snapshot [INFOGRAPHIC]

8. Measuring Quality [INFOGRAPHIC] - For a business, quality is not only important, but measurable. Quality impacts a brand’s influence, so businesses should strive to develop a framework to measure it.

  Measuring Quality [INFOGRAPHIC]

9. Digital Tactics in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC] - 2013 brings about tremendous change in technology, and consumer behavior. Digital strategists and designers must understand the pros and cons of many new tactical decisions they'll make, this year.

Digital Tactics in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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